Postdoctoral Associate
Spencer Group | ECE Department | Cornell University

Degrees earned:
B.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2001
Ph.D. Cornell University 2006

Biography: Chandra was born in India in 1980. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Singapore where he was raised. Starting out at international schools and finishing in a government-run high school, he learned to understand various cultures and points of view. He was heavily involved in science and mathematics activities and in 1995 traveled to the jungles of Brunei with his friends for their work on caffeine and tannins in tea.

He began his B.S. in Electrical Engineering at WPI in 1998, where he specialized in wireless communication systems. His senior thesis was on the interference of Bluetooth and 802.11 systems under the direction of Prof. Kaveh Pahlavan.

Chandra joined the ECE PhD program at Cornell University in 2001 intending to pursue wireless communications. However, his curiosity about electrons got the best of him (since he’d never seen one, and actually, still hasn’t), causing him to change his specialty to solid-state electronic devices. He worked under Michael Spencer, completing a thesis on SiC betavoltaics in 2006. During this time, he was fortunate to work on various interesting problems relating to SiC materials technology including CVD growth, heteropolytypic structures and their characterization. This work led to the first observations of a 2DEG as well as 2DHG in SiC. He works extensively at the Cornell Nanoscale Facility (CNF), Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR) and the Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS).

In 2006, a fortuitous confluence of scientific events led Chandra and Mike Spencer to investigate graphitic materials formed on SiC by solid-state decomposition of the surface. These initial results have conspired to keep Chandra as a postdoc at Cornell. He has also become involved with scanning probe characterization of GaN HEMT’s, as well as with GaN powders for phosphor applications.

In June 2006, he married Marilyn Oakley from Schenectady, NY. They live together in Ithaca, NY. In his personal time, he writes music, poetry and prose. He enjoys reading, biking and taking naps under willow trees in the summertime.