Scanning probe techniques

Characterization of temperature/potential profiles in GaN/AlGaN HEMT’s

We have compared the temperature rise in GaN HEMT’s in saturation under high power operation on SiC and diamond substrates using scanning thermal probe microscopy with a Park Scientific Autoprobe M5 microscope . A significant reduction in channel temperature from ~80C to ~40C at power densities >5W/mm were seen.

For further information, please see the following presentation.

Surface/interface effects in graphite formed on SiC substrates

G. Koley at University of South Carolina has used Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy (SKPM) to measure the influence of NO2 gas on the surface potential of nanocrystalline graphite films produced by our group. We are currently bringing our own SKPM system back to life to measure potential profiles in GaN HEMT’s. In addition, we intend to take advantage of the large difference in electron affinity between graphite (~4.66eV) and 6H SiC (3.8eV) as an additional identification technique for thin graphite layers on 6H SiC, which can readily be differentiated by SKPM.


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