Challenging and stimulating post-doctoral position in a multidisciplinary laboratory, with a focus on novel and wide bandgap materials and device applications.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Four years of strong research experience in silicon and compound semiconductor devices
  • Proficient in Silicon and Compound Semiconductor nanofabrication techniques
  • Proficient in SiC CVD
  • Proficient in nano-characterization techniques including SEM, EBIC, AFM, IV and CV
  • Strong experience with vacuum and gas handling systems
  • Experience in writing grant proposals
  • Able to work independently, initiate and direct projects
  • Excellent oral, written and inter-personal skills and a team player
  • Three patents pending
  • Lawful Permanent Resident in the U.S. (Green Card)


PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering (expected conferral date Dec 2006)
Specialization: Device and Solid State Physics, Advisor: Michael G. Spencer
Cornell University, Ithaca NY
B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering May 2001 GPA: 3.85/4.0
Specialization: Wireless communication systems.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA

Relevant Engineering Experience

  • Silicon and SiC materials and device fabrication
    • Fabricated various structures and devices at Cornell Nanoscale Facility (CNF) such as Si nanotips, SiC HEMTs, SiC pn diodes
  • Silicon and compound semiconductor materials and device characterization
    • Proficient in SEM, AFM, EBIC, IV, CV, XRD
  • SiC Chemical Vapor Deposition
    • Involved in commissioning CVD reactor at Cornell University
    • Involved in developing high growth rate SiC growth process.
  • Vacuum and Gas Handling Systems
    • Maintained high-vac sublimation furnace, CVD reactor and other equipment in Spencer lab

Relevant Research Experience

  • Development of 4H SiC betavoltaic cell
    • Involved in conception and implementation of device concept
    • Developed new SiO2-based diffusion/activation process for dopants in SiC (patent pending)
  • Investigation of 2 dimensional SiC polarization doped channels
    • First observation of 2DEG and 2DHG in SiC
  • Halide-assisted SiC homoepitaxy for high voltage devices
    • In depth knowledge of wide bandgap wafer vendors and service providers to optimize growth
  • GaN nanowire FETs
  • SiC-based sensors
    • Developed and implemented practical, novel sensor concepts
  • Fabrication of Si nanotips for compound semiconductor growth

Selected Publications and Patents

  1. Demonstration of a 4H SiC Betavoltaic Cell, Appl, Phys Lett. (2005)
  2. Invited book chapter: Polarization doped wide bandgap heterostructures and their characterization using SKPM, ed. Colin Wood, ONR (2006)
  3. Patent: Betavoltaic Cell with high temperature diffusion (pending)
  4. Patent: Polarization doped channels in SiC heteropolytype junctions (pending)

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